Overhead Water Storage Tank Cleaning

The scope of the work are as follows

  • The water tank is emptied using suction units
  • Using the anti bacterial agents and high pressure jet the tank is cleaned inside out
  • Repairing the odd cracks in case if there is any
  • Then the water tank is vacuumed leaving no dirt or sludge behind
  • Anti bacterial spray to disinfect the tank and then fresh water is then filled for complete cleaning

Total Disinfection

Water is one of the most precious resources and it is easily susceptible to contamination. Water-borne diseases can destroy your morale and leave you bed-ridden for many days. Plus, they are so easy to spread! Hence, periodic cleaning of water tanks is essential. VNR offers excellent water tank deep cleaning services in Chennai, and the scope includes complete cleaning, sludge removal and idsinfection. Be it 500 l or 1000 l tanks, we are up to the job with our tools and manpower!
Note: The given price will include tanks with 500 Liters to 1000 Liters capacity

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1.All these price are minimum price and can increase or decrease once inspection is done
2.You can ask for an inspection & get quotation of work required at just Rs.100.
3.18% GST will be applicable on total service charge on all orders booked or completed.

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