Patient Care Taker

Patient Care Taker
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“People who come here are not patients they are family”

Scope of work are as follows

  • Suggestion on improving health will be given(like protien food,excersise and walking etc)
  • Taking vital signs and maintaining its records in the medical chart
  • Help with collecting lab specimens
  • Assist in the transportation of the patient.
  • Help with daily life chores like bathing and dressing.
  • Provide support to patients who need assistance for walking or standing
  • A patient care attendant is also responsible for communicating the patient’s needs to effective channels
  • Patient attendants is also responsible for feeding the patient and ensuring that their dietary needs are met
  • Patient caregivers also train and assist patients to use medical devices and equipment as required
  • Overseeing the administration of medication is also one of the primary responsibilities of a patient attendant
  • Patient attendants also help in changing the position of the patient to prevent bedsores
  • A patient attendant is responsible for updating relief workers on any unusual condition of the patient that needs to be addrssed.

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(Rs.1200 service + Rs.180 food per day/24hours)

(1shift / Rs.400*3)

Requests to make payment on daily basis or outstanding payments will be given exception of three days.Payments done will be per day irrespective of shifts timings
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